Latest slimming preso machine


Latest slimming preso machine /Professional presso/air pressure massage



Main parameters:

tmosphere pressure:100mmHg – 120mmHg
Temperature :35-80°C
Infrared heater :Total 3( more details, please contact us)
Material for the suit:Waterproof , fireproof, PVC polyester fiber
Color of the suit:purple
Air chambers :Total 21(more details, please contact us)
Sizes for suit:Arm: 32Φ (more details, please contact us)
Voltage:110V-130V ,60HZ/ 220V-240V,50 HZ
Size Of Machine:1/2:85cm*50cm*20cm, 2/2:50*35*25cm
Weight Of Machine:16kg

What is presso-therapy?

Presso is a lymphatic drainage treatment which is a necessary procedure after ANY form of body contouring procedures.


Presso reduces water retention and helps the body remove toxins and waste products out of the peripheral tissues (including the cellulite tissues) by boosting both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in a very time and efficient way.


The body then naturally expels toxins, excess water and waste products. And equally importantly, presso helps transport fat molecules from the cellulite tissues into the general circulation for oxidation (“burning”) in the muscles and other organs.


For these reasons, presso is an ideal treatment for cellulite prevention and reduction, either on its own or in combination with other treatments – depending on the type and severity of cellulite.

Furthermore, presso is perfect after vigorous exercise as it maximises and focuses the effects of exercise on the cellulite tissues.


Similarly, presso is significantly more effective in comparison to compression garments, such as the so-called anti-cellulite pants tights, corsets and flight socks. This is because compression garments offer mild static compression, while presso offers a strong dynamic compression wave, in addition to strong static compression. Presso is a very versatile and cost-effective technique.


How does presso work?

The air is automatically pumped into pneumatic chambers of the boot. The Machine can apply a pressure that reaches 100mmHg or even 120mmHg. With this strong pressure, the machine can automatically adapt the patient’s blood pressure and help all parts of body do the deep lymphatic drainage massage, then enhance blood circulation. If you use a good anti-cellulite cream, it will add to the results of the treatment.


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