multifunctional massage chair for home use


220V multifunctional massage chair for home use relieves pain pad for neck, waist, shoulder and body massage



Praecipua lineamenti:
1. Neck, XX of massage heads in front of him and the rotary kneading machine pain and reciprocating help to release parvo pretio.
2. back grandaevus Aletes, who push in style and Amasan Thai
3. waist, eight knees knees
4. back, and et fulgente decorus waist buttocks
5. From Oracle et filio liberae sizes Cushions simul and ex Siller for all tricliniorum read ex officio,
6. Of Neck warm compress of colored Lamb, and men back
Productum parametri,
Voltaj voce: L AC220V HZ
Rated potentia: LV W
Appropriate Registration: 150-190 CM
Net Vertebrata / Beast: 6/6. V kg


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