Portable O-leg correction and Hip bone conditioning


Portable O-leg correction and Hip bone conditioning machine



The main parameters:

Product Name : Portable O-leg and Pelvic conditioning machine
Technology : Warm effects, vibration, balloon pressure Pattern Warming effect
Voltage : 220V/50HZ
Power : 160W
OEM/ ODM : Available


Pelvis Therapy Through the four airbags in the hip conditioning instrument, rhythmically pressurizes and relaxes. Extruding the pelvis can improve the pelvic width, feel warm and vibration behind the pelvic position, and can relieve gynecological problems such as ovary and dysmenorrhea. Tight hips Many women with the rise of the buttocks buttocks sagging, because the hips open to the outside, so that the hips stretch outwards, resulting in wide hips and sagging. The balloon of the hip adjustment instrument pressurizes the muscles on both sides of the roots of the pelvis and thighs. At this time, it will feel that the buttocks begin to tighten and the hips will naturally rise. Ovary care O-type leg treatment:Through the compression of the second airbag, the backflow of lymph and venous blood from the compressed leg back to the heart is a more effective method of eliminating radish leg, O-leg and edema.


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